Hands on Science

Hands on Science is a monthly PTA run program that brings Science to all Meadow Wood Elementary Students in an exciting and impactful way.  Children learn by doing.  This program engages multiple senses, allows them to make discoveries on their own and develops critical thinking skills.

We host nature and science themed experiences that range from bringing in Speakers from the Houston Audubon Society, bringing in the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s mobile Planetarium, working in the MWE Garden, using microscopes and engaging in science experiments.

We love parent volunteers for Hands on Science.  If you would like to be on the volunteer list, please email Annie Ickes at anniethebee@hotmail.com.

Our Grade Level Parent Contacts for Hands On Science are as follows:

Annie Ickes Hands on Science Chair anniethebee@hotmail.com
Holly Saunders PreK/Kinder sarahedeakins@hotmail.com
Catie Winegar 1st Grade catie.kelleher@gmail.com
Sarah Deakins 2nd Grade hublerh@hotmail.com
Sara Vasut 3rd Grade sara.vasut@gmail.com
Annie Ickes  4th Grade anniethebee@hotmail.com
Liz Sullivan 5th Grade liz.s.sullivan@gmail.com